Replacing your bathroom accessories

Replacing your bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories provide the finishing touches to any new bath project. Whether you are looking for ultra-modern wall mounted accessories or more traditional counter top accessories; towel bars, soap dish, toilet paper holder, and so forth, which ties together the room’s design elements.

Updating the Look of Your Bath is Quick & Simple. No matter the type of accessory; it needs to be fastened securely to the wall. Plastic inserts are driven into a hole drilled in the wall and expand when a screw is inserted; they’re best for light-duty applications. Try to attach at least one mounting screw of an accessory to a wall stud. Bathroom accessories can be installed in less than two hours.

To make sure your bath looks organized and clutter-free, use your best judgment in determining the proper number or bathroom accessories for your bath. Once you have determined your style, you should then take accurate measurements of your bath. A general rule is two-to-three counter accessories, such as a toothbrush holder, cup holder and soap dish.

Many fixture manufacturers have created bathroom accessories to coordinate with their sinks, toilets, and tubs to take the guesswork out of selection. Proper ventilation is necessary to keep damp clothes and towels from mildewing. Laundry hampers come in many colors and finishes, made of several materials including wicker, vinyl and wood.

Make a Statement in Your Bath with Stylish Accessories. Once you have selected the specific finish for your bathroom, the next step is determining the style and size you prefer. You’ll pick the finish, style and number of accessories to match your bathroom décor.

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