Why Is Your Home NOT Sold? It takes Marketing to SELL!

Why Is Your Home NOT Sold?   It takes Marketing to SELL!   Who do you think will sell your home FASTER for MORE MONEY?    
Comparison Chart Average Agent Good Agent Our Team
For Sale Sign YES
Pictures YES
Open House YES
Listed on the Multiple Listing Service YES
Professional Marketing Brochure No YES
Custom Number With Tracked Info Line. No No YES
Single Property Website (300% more online views) No YES
Work with lenders to get deal closed. No YES
Post your home for sale on over 100 websites YES
Work with ALL Brokerages, No Pocket Listings YES
Give you feedback from all showing. No YES
Quickly respond to all inquiries on your home and follow up to see how we can increase their interest in your home. No Maybe YES
Email info on your home to buyers shopping for a home like yours. No YES
Professional Quality Pictures No Maybe YES
Tweak your marketing to capture buyers online. No No YES
Professional Copywriting to sell the property. No No YES
Capture your home’s charm in the pictures that are taken. No No YES
Resources Available For Repairs No No YES
Professional Marketing to capture buyers online. No No YES
Assist you with different staging options. No No YES
Paid Traffic To Buyers Via Mobile Apps No No YES
Help solve any problems that may arise during the process as quickly as possible. No No YES
Work with you pro-actively to ensure you get the best results on your sale. No No YES
    Get Your Homes Value Instantly Get Your Homes Value Instantly

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