World’s Biggest Decorating Mistake!

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World’s Biggest Decorating Mistake!

Fortunately, for those of us who are decorating challenged, the world’s biggest decorating mistake is easily fixable.
Have you ever walked into a home with beautiful furniture, but still something was missing? Usually it’s the artwork. People always forget the artwork, or if they do remember the art they buy only one piece for over the sofa. Some of the wealthiest people I know do not buy any or enough artwork!
A room isn’t finished without nice framed art prints. It’s kind of like putting on a favorite dress and forgetting your shoes!!
Don’t be afraid to buy and hang art on your walls. You can find framed and unframed art prints for any budget. Even the big discount stores offer some beautiful pieces these days.
The biggest mistake in hanging artwork is placing the piece too high up on the wall. The rule of thumb is that the artwork should be directly in the line of vision of the person who will be looking at it. This is especially true of living room pieces hung over the sofa. Place the art directly at eye level with someone sitting across from the sofa.
Another mistake is not anchoring the artwork to the furniture beneath it. Remember aline the artwork with what’s under it, and place it no more than 12 inches from the desk or chair under it.
Spend the money on nice prints to look at. You can even find beautiful art for your walls online, at a price you can afford.

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